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In today’s times, everyone wants to go really ahead. As in, no one wants to see what they’ve left behind in the past, who is getting hurt, or is facing a difficulty, what is happening about anyone’s helplessness. In today’s date, it’s all about me, what will happen to me. So, I’m not thinking about myself, that if I’ve come into this area of work, I’m working. So, because I’m getting a low salary, I’m furious (rosh) about it, I’m angry about it. So I’m talking about these things, that’s not the case. I’m talking about the future, because right now, we will get a good salary. So, it will start now… life… tomorrow if life declines (kal ko agar umar dhall gayya toh), then this time will not come back. Our age will also not come back. Then if we get the salary, what is the point, what will we do about it. Then, my kids will be grown up, then they will languish, they will languish for that money, because I will be old. Then the kids… So in a roundabout way, the point is the same (ghumaa phiraake baat wahi hai). Then, when they are helpless, they will also have to put their hands in this work (unhe bhi issi kaam mein haath lagaane padengey), and they will also cry about not getting a salary. So, things shouldn’t come to that point (wahaan tak naaumat na aaye). Like they say, drop by drop, the pitcher gets filled (boond boond se ghadaa bharta hai).