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Responsive challenge fund

Through a £1 million Responsive Challenge Fund, ARISE will provide small grants to organisations that test innovative approaches to improving health and wellbeing. This fund will be divided into:

  1. A £400,000 Core Country Responsive Challenge Fund (CCRCF).
  2. A £600,000 New Country Responsive Challenge Fund (NCRCF) to extend the evidence base and partnerships.

Each partner institution in low- and middle-income countries will allocate £50,000 as small grants through the CCRC. BRAC will disperse £100,000. These grants will be used to engage community advisory boards based in informal settlements, build on partners’ experience, and find fresh solutions to address risk, promote resilience and advance accountability for health and wellbeing.

We encourage submissions from coalitions of informal urban dwellers, partnerships between civil society organisations, researchers, governance actors, such as city authorities, and entrepreneurs, such as app developers.