Our 2023 AGM in pictures

In November colleagues from across the consortium gathered in Freetown, Sierra Leone for the final ARISE annual general meeting. It was a wonderful week filled with sharing, learning, and reflection. Our colleague Shrutika Murthy from The George Institute collected together images from across the week, and wrote this blog. Additional images and copy from Leah Murphy and the rest of the ARISE team.

Group photograph of ARISE team outside near the sea in Sierra Leone, with ARISE banner in the background

Colleagues and co researchers at the ARISE AGM, both women, one standing in a yellow dress and the other seated in a pink dress, inside the AGM venue

We kicked off the meeting by reflecting on the most significant changes in our work at ARISE. Doing responsive research through co-production, evidence-building and advocacy emerged as top contenders!

A large group of ARISE colleagues in the annual meeting space gathered around a table with annotated flip charts

ARISE colleagues stand in front of a red curtain at AGM during a reflections feedback session

Some of our ARISE PhD cohort presented their progress and learnings on diverse topics including non-communicable diseases, stigma, and healthcare. The rest of the team provided insightful feedback to help them reach the finish line!

Bachera Aktar presenting her PhD research during the ARISE AGM

Samuel Saidu presents his PhD research during the 2023 ARISE AGM

Abu Conteh talking through a presentation on his PhD research

The team also visited urban informal settlements in Cockle Bay and Moyiba and were welcomed by community chiefs and co-researchers. We learnt about their histories, challenges, achievements and ARISE’s contribution.

A selection of images from Cockle Bay.


A selection of images from Moyiba.

Co-researchers presented on the consortium’s role in enhancing their capacities and enabling them to successfully advocate for their communities with governance actors. “If our votes count, our voices should too!”


ARISE country teams presented their most significant communication outputs, including impactful photo essays, photo books, briefs & documentaries.

We kept our spirits high with energising songs and dances. Music transcends all boundaries, truly!

The AGM went by in a blink! Thank you to our extraordinary Sierra Leone colleagues for welcoming and hosting us all with such warmth and love!