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Life and well-being in the slums of Dhaka

Life and well-being in the slums of Dhaka

This short documentary provides an insight into life in Dhaka.
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Quick intro: Accountability for Informal Urban Equity Hub

More than half of the world’s people live in cities, with one in three of those living in low and middle-income countries doing so in informal settlements, sometimes known colloquially as slums, with inadequate access to services and opportunities to shape decisions about their environment. Our research will support the people in our focal communities to claim their right to health.

What is ARISE? Tackling ill-health in the city...

We are a research partnership funded by the UK government’s Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). We look at health in informal settlements in India, Kenya, Bangladesh and Sierra Leone. Find out more and spread the word!

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Linsay Gray of the University of Glasgow discusses the ARISE project

A short film about how the University of Glasgow talks about their work on health in slums.